Are Sleeping Pills a Good Option?

Research has shown that occasional bouts of insomnia affects a large number of Canadians and Americans suffer from more chronic insomnia that is ongoing. Sleeping pills can provide these individuals with relief from their sleep deprivation.

Doctors will only prescribe sleep medication for insomnia as a last resort after other methods such as lifestyle alterations (changing one’s diet, exercising more regularly, etc.) and behavioral techniques have been explored.

So what are the signs that indicate that sleeping pills are necessary as a last resort?

The National Sleep Foundation has created some guidelines as to when medicating a person for sleep relief becomes necessary:

* First of all the cause of the sleeplessness has to be clearly identified. If difficulties with sleep patterns are affecting an individual’s ability to accomplish many routine daily tasks then sleeping pills might need to be taken under medical supervision.

* If behavioral techniques have been refused by the insomniac or have not helped, it may be time for sleeping pills.

* If a person is suffering from a form of insomnia-related distress, sleeping pills might remedy this.

* If a person is mourning the loss of a loved one or suffered the loss of a job, sleeping pills may become a short-term necessity.

* If the insomnia is connected in any way with a diagnosed medical or biological condition or a stressful event, a doctor may consider prescribing sleeping pills.

* If a person is drifting off to sleep at the wheel of a car and is putting his/her life or the life of others in jeopardy, then a doctor may see no other alternative than to prescribe sleeping pills.

* If a person is suffering from severe depression and if a person is struggling in controlling his/her emotions, sleeping pills may become a necessary prescription zopiclone for sale.

* If a person is unable to concentrate of focus on the task at hand related to a profession because of insufficient number of hours of restful sleep, a doctor may consider prescribing sleeping medication.

In general, doctors start their patients on a low dosage of sleeping medications at the start of behavioral therapy as most physicians prefer using the two in conjunction with each other.

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